Gain Certainty with Your Money in Uncertain Times

Recorded on Thu, Apr 2, 2020

Gain Certainty with Your Money in Uncertain Times

Ferenc will be sharing:

  • Current economic info from expert sources
  • He will try to answer the questions of: How Bad Will the Recession Get? Also, How Long Will it Last?
  • How to Protect Your Money from Market Risk
  • Gain Access to More Funds
  • Create Tax-Favored income
  • How to Take Advantage of Opportunities When This is All Over!

Ferenc will be sharing information from his sources from the financial services and banking industries. He will all share from his experience of 25+ years as a successful entrepreneur of several businesses, financial advisor, and Chairman of the Board of an FDIC-insured bank in formation. Ferenc is host of the
Your Personal Bank
Radio Show on Money Radio.

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