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John Burley

    John greatly looks forward to sharing with you what you need to take your Real Estate Investing Business to the next level. 

    John Burley

    With 35+ years of investing experience and thousands of (personally) completed real estate deals, hundreds of millions of dollars raised, John Burley has the perfect mix of street-savvy knowledge and sound investing principles.

    John is a Pioneer in the Real Estate Investment Business, originally trained in the World of Wall St., in 1989 he left and founded his Private Equity Company, where he serves today as the Founder & CEO.  It is a leader in the industry, with holdings from multiple countries and a dozen different states.  His was among the first ever companies to bring Single Family Home (SFH) Portfolio Real Estate to the Private Equity Community.

    John is as an International #1 Best Seller with over One Million Copies Sold.  His books include:  Money Secrets of the Rich and Powerful Changes.  He has also produced over 100 books and audio programs during his career.

    Because John is a Professional Investor, he makes his living actually DOING deals and not just teaching theory from the stage.  The bottom line is: John walks his talk. For this reason, John is only available to speak at a few events per year, his last event for 2019 is November 1-3.

    The bottom line is: John walks his talk.

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